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Zero Fakes!

Connect authentically. All our registered influencers are analyzed by our algorithm to ensure every dime you spend reaches genuine, engaged followers, with no fake audiences to dilute your brand's impact.

Budget & safeguard
your campaigns!

Budget your campaign with precision. Calculate directly how many people you can reach within your set budget. Our safeguarded system ensures you only pay influencers who've genuinely completed the job, offering peace of mind with every campaign.

Automated campaigns
effortless results!

No more manual searches or negotiations with influencers. No more Excel sheets for campaign organization. Dive into a seamless, automated workflow in our app, ensuring you achieve the best results with minimal effort.

Track your live
campaign metrics!

Gain live metrics for every hired influencer. Stay in the know with real-time insights; see the results as they get posted, track the success and reach, and even download them as your campaigns grow exponentially.

Invite Influencers
to your place!

Boost your local business or event by welcoming influencers. Let them talk about your products & services, creating a buzz that not only enhances your appeal but also kickstarts a genuine hype.

People trust
Not ads.
the future

Founded in 2023, hypesociety is a dynamic startup hailing from Dubai, UAE. As the next unicorn of the region, our unique technology, protected by intellectual property patents, stands as a testament to our innovation. We're revolutionizing influencer-brand interactions with our groundbreaking automatic marketplace. With eyes set on global expansion, we're not just seeking investors, but visionary partners, to propel us onto the world stage.

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How it
How do I begin advertising with HypeSociety?

Simply register on our platform, create your campaign, and connect with genuine influencers.

How are influencers vetted for authenticity?

Our unique algorithm ensures influencers have genuine and engaged followers.

Can I select specific influencers?

Yes, you can handpick influencers that align with your brand. Alternatively, you can allow our algorithm to automatically select the best fitting influencers for your campaign. You also have the option to prepare favorite lists in advance for smoother collaborations."

How are campaign results measured?

Real-time metrics offer insights into the campaign's reach.

How do payments work?

Through our secure system, we ensure that influencers are compensated only for jobs they've successfully completed.

Can I negotiate terms directly with influencers?

Our platform aims for seamless collaborations, and direct negotiations are not possible because they are not needed. All terms are automated and based on specific metrics, making the process simple and efficient for all parties involved.

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