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Founded in 2023, hypesociety is a dynamic startup hailing from Dubai, UAE. As the next unicorn of the region, our unique technology, protected by intellectual property patents, stands as a testament to our innovation. We're revolutionizing influencer-brand interactions with our groundbreaking automatic marketplace. With eyes set on global expansion, we're not just seeking investors, but visionary partners, to propel us onto the world stage. Investor request

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FAQ How it works
How do I join hypesociety as an Influencer?

Download the hypesociety app from the AppStore (iOS/Android), register, and begin exploring brand deals tailored for you.

What are the requirements to register as an influencer?

You need to be at least 18 years old.

• For Instagram:

  • • A minimum of 3,000 followers.
  • • A minimum of 6 feed posts, which can be a mix of Posts or Reels.
  • • Your account cannot be private.
  • • Must be a business account.

• For TikTok:

  • • A minimum of 1,000 followers.
  • • At least 1 video post in the last 6 months.
  • • A minimum of 3 videos currently online.
  • • A profile picture is required.
  • • An average video reach of at least 5,000 views.
Is there a cost associated with joining?

No, the app and registration are completely free. There's no need for any subscription or hidden charges.

How is job completion verified?

Our intelligent algorithm scans your profile once content is uploaded to verify job completion.

How and when will I receive payment?

You'll get paid immediately after job verification (second scan), right through our app. The verification times for different tasks are:


  • • Story: Verified after 24h.
  • • Post/Reels/Carousel: Verified after 1 month.
  • • Follow a brand: Verified after 2 months.
  • • Walk-In: Verified upon QR code check-in.
  • • Repost & Use sound: Verified after 24h.


  • • TikTok video: Verified after 1 month.

Remember, it's crucial to keep your content online for the specified duration to receive payment.

Can I choose which brands I collaborate with?

Absolutely! While brands may send collaboration offers, you have the freedom to accept or decline any job. Use our filters to narrow down campaigns by platform and type, ensuring you only collaborate with brands that align with your personal brand and preferences.

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